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Telus Donation

We would like to express our special thanks to Diego Barbosa who volunteered in the community and has redirected a Telus contribution of $200 to RAM.

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An acknowledgment and tax receipt will be issued shortly.

Update: Tax receipt issued as below.

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Happy New Year!

Some important dates for Janurary 2010:

Jan. 4 – School resumes

Jan. 10 – Montessori Info Night (McKinney)

Jan. 11 – Kindergarden Info Night (Kidd Elementary and Thompson Elementary)

Jan. 13 – RAM Meeting (Garden City)

Jan. 17 – Registration at Catchment School Begins

Feb. 4 – Last Day for Registration for Montessori and French-Imersion Programs

Please see our Calendar for details.


Here are the links to information provided by Richmond School Board:

Student Registration

Student Registration Information

School Registration for September 2011 English Chinese

2010 Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering for RAM is a great way to learn about your children’s Montessori education. At RAM, all kind of skills are needed.

Do not hesitate and fill out the following form. We believe that through working together, we can improve the quality of education for our children.

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2010 Inventory Project – Manoah Steves (Updated)

Parents volunteers are needed for phrase 3 of our inventory project in Manoah Steves

Mar. 1 (Monday)    Div. 9 – Grade 6/7  Mr.  Vernon Ferster
Mar. 15 (Monday)  Div. 13 – Grade 1/2  Mrs. Lisa Ruskey
Mar. 17 (Wednesday)  Div. 14 – Grade K (p.m.)  Mrs. Mary Bowman

Apr. 7 (Wednesday)  Div. 11 – Grade 3/4  Mrs. Lori Scharf
Apr. 12 (Monday)  Div. 12 – Grade 1/2/3  Mrs. Linda Grueber
Apr. 14 (Wednesday)  Div. 10 – Grade 4/5/6  Ms. Dawn Lessoway

6:30 pm – 8:15 pm on the dates above.

Please contact Jeremy Lam at or by phone at604-616-6008 if interested.

Thank you.