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2010-2011 Membership Drive

[scribd id=40818453 key=key-To join our membership, simply fill out the form below.

[scribd id=38149384 key=key-1anl0pe98bzy72xhu8f4 mode=list]

Please make cheques payable to Richmond Association for Montessori. Do NOT send cash.

A Chinese version of the form is provided below

[scribd id=40818453 key=key-1dk5h7vg0y317oehj2dk mode=list]1dk5h7vg0y317oehj2dk mode=list]

Telus Donation

We would like to express our special thanks to Diego Barbosa who volunteered in the community and has redirected a Telus contribution of $200 to RAM.

[scribd id=50472675 key=key-14t8tqmyuet6p25moknl mode=list]

An acknowledgment and tax receipt will be issued shortly.

Update: Tax receipt issued as below.

[scribd id=52941486 key=key-2orp0hzoi3v72z95aj07 mode=list]