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Great news! We’ve extended the deadline for ordering Silly Lily’s Pencils to Sunday, May 28th!

Silly Lily’s Pencils are a set of 5 pencils that you can customize or purchase one of the pre-printed sets. Each of the pencils are hand set and then stamped with gold foil onto the pencils.

These pencils would make a great gift for your favourite teacher(s)!

There are 5 pick-up locations to choose from including 2 contactless options.

Order with this form by May 22nd:

Fundraising Information Package Silly Lily's Pencils_Part2
Fundraising Information Package Silly Lily's Pencils_Part3
Fundraising Information Package Silly Lilys Pencils_Part4
Fundraising Information Package Silly Lily's Pencils_Part5

Great news! We’ve extended the deadline for ordering First Aid supplies to Sunday, May 28th!


RAM is holding a First Aid Fundraiser with a wide selection of First Aid supplies at great prices! Take a look at the photos to see the many items available and use this form to order:
You have until May 22nd to order with 5 different pickup locations including 2 contactless options.
Thank you for supporting RAM!
First Aid Fundraiser 1
First Aid Fundraiser 2
First Aid Fundraiser 3
Tru Earth  

Tru Earth is an eco-friendly laundry detergent that comes in strip formant is made in Canada. Their laundry eco-strips are hypoallergenic. paraben-free, phosphate-free, biodegradable and vegan.

Tru Earth also sells beeswax food wraps, reusable make-up remover pads, dryer balls and more! Shipping is free!

Follow this link to order from Tru Earth. You’ll be helping the environment and supporting RAM at the same time!

Support our Fundraiser-2



Our campaign runs all year long, click through to get to your shopping needs. You can also get e-Gift cards!

You can also download the app and join our team with code: YQDJ7F


Mabel’s Labels

Mabel’s Labels are durable, made in Canada labels. To help with RAM fundraising, select “Support a Fundraiser.” Type in “Richmond Association for Montessori.” Shipping is always free!