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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Louisa


    I have a daughter who is 4 and she is attending a montessori prescohol. Thus, I know she’s learning really fast in a happy enviornment. What I would like to understand more about the montessori program is how it will be incorporated into the elementary school syllabus? Do the students continue to work in their own pace? How many students will be in one class? Do they have group projects? Do they still have different classes like Science, Scocial studies, PE, etc? Is there going to be any information session that I could learn more about how the montessori program is like? Also, in the previous years, is there like alot of people registering? What are the chance of getting in the draws? I need some backup plans if I don’t get in. =)


  2. Sameer Mulye

    I am trying to download donation form from your website. I am not able to download the pdf file unless I upload some document to scribd or become a member of scribd service. I do not wish to do either.
    Is there anyway I can download the donation form without requiring to login to scribd/facebook and/or become a member there?

    Sameer Mulye

  3. Lloyd Ho

    My son Carter will be attending montessori kindergarten at McKinney.

    I have a fundraising idea that I would like to do in the month of October 2011. I am an optometrist and I would like to run a program that would promote eye exams with children and Eye Health Month, which is in October and run by the Canadian Association of Optometrists.

    Can you tell me what steps we would need to take to launch a fundraiser like this?

    Lloyd Ho

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