1. The name of the society is: The Richmond Association for Montessori.

2. The Purpose of the Society are:

(a) To promote the Montessori approach to child development and education;
(b) To provide resource information and consultative services on the Montessori approach to child development and education;
(c) To encourage and facilitate professional development in Montessori education;
(d) To provide educational programs to enhance and support family life;
(e) To assist in co-ordinating Montessori educational activities.

3. In the event of winding-up or dissolution of the Society, funds and assets of the Society remaining after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, shall be given or transferred to such organization or organizations concerned with the social problems or organizations promoting the same purposes as this Society, as may be determined by the members of the Society at the time of winding up or dissolution, and if effect cannot be given to the aforesaid provisions, then such funds shall be given or transferred to some other organizations, provided however that such organization referred to in this paragraph shall be a registered charity recognized by Revenue Canada Taxation as being qualified as such under the provisions of the Income Tax Act of Canada from time to time in effect.

4. The purposes of the Society shall be carried out without purpose of gain for its members and any profits or other accretions to the Society shall be used for promoting its purposes.

5. Paragraphs 3, 4, and 5 of the Constitution are unalterable in accordance with the Society Act.