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Interested in teaching in the Richmond, British Columia School District?

The Richmond School District is accepting applications for trained Montessori teachers (preference for MACTE training).  The Richmond School District has 3 elementary schools with Montessori programs from Grades K-7.  Interested applicants should forward their application to:

David Cairns
District Administrator
Personnel Services (Teaching)
7811 Granville Avenue
Richmond BC V6Y 3E3

Ph:   604 668 6000 Ext. 6003
Fax: 604 668 6075

2010 Inventory Project – Manoah Steves (Updated)

Parents volunteers are needed for phrase 3 of our inventory project in Manoah Steves

Mar. 1 (Monday)    Div. 9 – Grade 6/7  Mr.  Vernon Ferster
Mar. 15 (Monday)  Div. 13 – Grade 1/2  Mrs. Lisa Ruskey
Mar. 17 (Wednesday)  Div. 14 – Grade K (p.m.)  Mrs. Mary Bowman

Apr. 7 (Wednesday)  Div. 11 – Grade 3/4  Mrs. Lori Scharf
Apr. 12 (Monday)  Div. 12 – Grade 1/2/3  Mrs. Linda Grueber
Apr. 14 (Wednesday)  Div. 10 – Grade 4/5/6  Ms. Dawn Lessoway

6:30 pm – 8:15 pm on the dates above.

Please contact Jeremy Lam at or by phone at604-616-6008 if interested.

Thank you.

Montessori Information Night (Chinese)

The following is information for Montessori Information Night in Chinese. Thank you Rebecca for your hard work.

Montessori Information Night

Montessori Information Night will be held on February 4, 2010 at 7pm in Garden City Elementary School. Information about Montessori program and demonstrations are available. See you there.
蒙特梭利諮詢晚會將於2010年2月4日晚上七時,在Garden City小學舉行,是次晚會將提供有關蒙特梭利教育課程資料及展覽,歡迎有各家長屆時出席參加。

Please note that deadline for Montessori application is February 5, 2010. Please refer to Calendar for information.