One thought on “2010-2011 Donation Drive

  1. Chad

    Having printable donation forms online is a great idea, but I think a little more thought should’ve went into how to serve them up to the public. I am an IT consultant, and it is very easy to put a file on the internet for download. Using a 3rd party program is also fine, and there are lots of free ones that will do the trick. Using a program like Scribd puts a bad taste in a person mouth.

    A respectible organization such as RAM has to ask for donations to remain functional. I understand that, and support it. However, I do not appreciate being forced to pay a continuous monthly charge to a 3rd party software company to download a form once. It dones’t make sense. Asking for donations is one thing, but forcing the donater to pay for the form with a continuous monthly charge is another thing entirely.

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