Dear Parents/Guardians:
You are invited to join us at our Annual General Meeting on Thursday May 26th, 7p.m. at James McKinney Elementary School. 

RAM needs your help! Without parents who volunteer their time RAM cannot actively support the continuation of the Montessori program for our children. Becoming active in RAM is an important way to become involved in your child’s education.  It directly helps your children’s education and keeps you informed about school issues, programs and events, and Montessori in the public education system.

As children get older and families move on, a number of Executive positions will be vacant for next year. Without a full executive, including a Chair (or co-chairs), and others, RAM cannot function. We have the ability to support new executive members by partnering with current and former Executive members, but we need your help!  As parents, we are all busy, but we all want the best for our children. Without your help, your children’s Montessori program will suffer.

Positions are open for nominations for the June 2016 – June 2017 term that need to be filled are: (duties listed on Page 2 of the nomination form):

· Chairperson
· Vice-Chairperson
· Secretary
· Treasurer
· Volunteer Coordinator
· Fundraisers
· RAM/PAC Liaison (one from each school)
· Members-at-large
· Webmaster

To volunteer or nominate another individual, please complete this form and return it to the school office by May 7, 2016 or bring it with you to the RAM Annual General Meeting.  Election of Executive Committee positions will take place at the RAM Annual General Meeting on Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM at James McKinney Elementary School.
Have questions, or looking for more information? Please email to:

nomination form